Criteria for Designation of Landmarks

A cultural resource may be recommended for designation as a landmark or landmark district if it manifests one of the following criteria:

 1.  It possesses a significant character, interest or value attributable to the development, heritage or cultural charateristics of the city, the southern California region, the state or the nation; or

 2.  It is the site of an historic event with a significant place in history; or

 3.  It is associated with the life of a person or persons significant to the community, city, region or nation; or

 4.  It portrays the environment in an era of history characterized by a distinctive architetural style; or

 5.  It embodies those distinguishing characteristics of an architectural type or engineering specimen; or

 6.  It is the work of a person or persons whose work has significaantly influenced the development of the city or the southern California region; or

 7.  It contains elements of design, detail, materials, or craftsmanship which represent a significant innovation; or

 8.  It is a part of or related to a distinctive area and should be developed or preserved according to a specific historical, cultural or architectural motif; or

 9.  It represents an established and familiar visual feature of a neighborhood or community due to its unique location or specific distinguishing characteristic; or

10. It is, or has been, a valuable information source important to the prehistory or history of the city, the Southern California region or the state; or

11. It is one of the few remaining examples in the city, region,, state or nation possessing distinguishing characteristics of an architectural or historical type.