What is Long Beach Heritage?

Long Beach Heritage is a nonprofit education and advocacy group whose membership is dedicated to protecting and preserving the architectural and cultural heritage of the City of Long Beach.

Why is “architectural and cultural heritage” important? The City of Long Beach has a long and significant history, much of which is evident in its buildings. We have been blessed with many very beautiful homes and structures that tell a story of our past. By “honoring our past, we more clearly imagine the future.”

What’s the difference between Long Beach Heritage, the Long Beach Historical Society, and the Cultural Heritage Commission? Long Beach Heritage focuses primarily on the protection and preservation of homes, commercial buildings, and historical districts within the city. The Historical Society concentrates on preserving documentation of our past (i.e. photos, records, manuscripts, and memorabilia). The Cultural Heritage Commission is composed of Mayor-appointed delegates who are authorized to designate historical sites, buildings, or districts within the City.

What is the goal of Long Beach Heritage? To protect and preserve architecturally significant homes, buildings, and historical districts within the city through advocacy and public education.

How does Long Beach Heritage go about this? Through an active program of walking tours, workshops and lectures, advocacy and activism at City Hall.

Does the organization have regular meetings? There is a general membership meeting three times a year. The Board of Directors meets once a month. 

Does the organization have a newsletter? Yes. The Long Beach Heritage Newsletter is published and mailed quarterly and also available on our website.

Are there tours and workshops? Yes. Long Beach Heritage presents regularly scheduled community forums, educational programs, lectures, monthly walking tours of the downtown, East Village, Willmore and North Pine. The current schedule is available on our website.

Are there group tours available? Yes. We offer special group tours. You may make arrangements by calling our office.